WeatherTimelapse – CoolerCalmer Singapore

At the Future Cities Laboratory of ETH Zurich in Singapore, I’ve worked on the project “WeatherTimelapse”. It was part of the research initiative “Cooler Calmer Singapore”; which investigated ways to cool down the city. With structural changes at building facades, the wind flow through the street canyons can be channeled and optimized. With wind flow simulation in combination with sensory recordings at the facades, the researchers tried to understand what structural changes are necessary. To better interpret these results, an understanding of the local weather conditions at that time was necessary. Therefore I’ve developed the WeatherTimelapse, a system for 360° timelapse overlayed with various weather data. The timelapse could be recorded by three weatherproofed mirrorless cameras installed on a building’s roof, together with a weather station. Additionally, I’ve developed a software pipeline to generate the timelapse videos overlayed with weather data charts. More information about the project can be found in our paper “Cooler Calmer Singapore – Towards comfortable tropical urban environments“.